Our life, our legacy, our lasting contribution

Our life, our legacy, our lasting contribution

Illuminate newsletter index page, March 2019
March 2019

Helen and Michael Taafe
Helen and Michael Taafe are supporting medical research
by leaving a gift to the Institute in their Will.

Michael and Helen Taafe became aware of the Institute in 2014, when looking for a suitable beneficiary to be included in their Will.

Michael has enjoyed a successful career in management roles for Australian organisations; and as a teacher of marketing at Swinburne University. In fact, he is known to his peers as a “professional student” as he holds five university qualifications, including two master’s degrees.

Helen spent many dedicated years as executive assistant to the director of Australia’s largest conservation body, the Australian Conservation Foundation. She is also a published poet and author of two books for children that were national best sellers.

Making a difference

Now in their retirement, the couple are looking ahead to the legacy they wish to leave. After much deliberation, Michael and Helen agreed that the beneficiary of their estate should be in the medical and research field, have a holistic vision, and have a track-record for making significant contributions to society – not only in Australia, but around the world.

Michael said he and Helen had discovered quite a few organisations that appeared on the surface to meet their criteria. “However, we did our homework, and arrived at our decision," Michael said.

"The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute has a vision that shines, and a mission encapsulating everything we are looking for.”

Helen said the Institute was impressive on paper, but then she and Michael met with director Professor Doug Hilton and quickly realised why the Institute stood out from the rest. “His dedication and outstanding leadership qualities were inspiring to us,” she said.

Through their closer association with the Institute, Michael said he and Helen have been further encouraged by what they see. “The Institute’s work ethic is second to none!  We have seen first-hand how scientists endeavour with much success to uncover secrets of medical science while working harmoniously and collaboratively.”

Michael and Helen are now regular visitors to the Institute and take an active interest in a wide range of research projects.

“It’s an organisation that makes you proud to be Australian,” Helen said. We wanted to make a difference and that’s why we chose the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, and we could not be more delighted with our decision.”

If you would like more information about including the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute as a beneficiary in your Will, please contact Anne Rady on (03) 9345 2929.

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