Researchers from successful round 6 applications

Three exciting research projects have been awarded generous Australian Government subsidies to fast-track their discoveries into new medicines using the National Drug Discovery Centre.

27 January 2023
WEHI president Mrs Jane Hemstritch has been appointed an Order of Australia

WEHI president Jane Hemstritch has been recognised in this year’s Australia Day honours, for distinguished service across the Australian non-profit and corporate sectors.  


26 January 2023
Close up photo of Fruit Fly

Researchers have used fruit flies to decipher an unexplained connection between Alzheimer’s disease and a genetic variation, revealing that it causes neurons to die. 

9 January 2023
A 3D image showing how an insulin mimicking molecule (purple) interacts with part of the insulin receptor (grey) to turn in on. Once activated, the receptor directs cells to soak up glucose when the body’s sugar levels are too high. Credit: WEHI

WEHI researchers have answered a 100-year-old question in diabetes research: can a molecule different to insulin have the same effect? The findings provide important insights for the future development of an oral insulin pill. 

12 December 2022
Professor Alan Cowman has won the Florey Medal

WEHI researcher Professor Alan Cowman AC has been awarded the CSL Florey Medal for his instrumental contributions in understanding how malaria infects and causes disease in humans.

24 November 2022
Cancer Council Victoria Grants

World-first research exploring whether COVID-19 has any impact on cancer risk is among three WEHI projects to receive funding from Cancer Council Victoria. 


15 November 2022
Dr Ashley Ng has been awarded the MetCalf Prize

WEHI researcher and clinician Dr Ashley Ng has been named a winner of the 2022 Metcalf Prize for Stem Cell Research, in recognition of his pioneering work with stem cells to fight blood cancers. 

15 November 2022
Dr Georgia Atkin-Smith has received a L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science fellowship

WEHI postdoctoral researcher and cell biologist Dr Georgia Atkin-Smith has received a L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science fellowship in honour of her exceptional contributions to the field of cell death.

7 November 2022
Cicada Innovations CSL WEHI UoM Incubator

CSL, WEHI, and the University of Melbourne have announced the appointment of an independent operator to oversee and manage a new start-up incubator that will support and grow early-stage Australian biotech companies.  

3 November 2022
Landmark study finds home screening test can help prevent type 1 diabetes

Researchers have shown that a blood test for early diagnosis of type 1 diabetes can prevent serious illness and hospitalisation in children.  

2 November 2022