A lasting legacy

A lasting legacy

 Illuminate newsletter, March 2018
March 2018

Tricia Gowdie
Tricia Gowdie, who sadly passed away
from a rare cancer, "loved life with a
fierce passion".

Patricia (Tricia) Ann Gowdie passed away in October 2014 from a rare appendiceal cancer. She was only 43 at the time of her death.

As Tricia’s family recalled, Tricia “loved life with a fierce passion and dealt with her situation with great determination and courage”.

Remembering a sister and daughter

Tricia expressed a wish to make a donation from her estate to further rare cancer research.

In honour of a beloved daughter and sister Tricia’s family chose the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute as the beneficiary of this legacy gift. Tricia’s donation will help to further research into rare cancers – a largely underfunded area. The Gowdie family’s hope is that other families will be spared losing a loved one under such tragic circumstances.

Leaving your mark

Rare cancers account for 30 per cent of cancer deaths in Australia. Tragically, people with rare cancers are more likely to die from their disease than people with more common cancers – often due to late diagnosis and the lack of available treatments.

Associate Professor Clare Scott
Professor Clare Scott hopes her research will lead to new
treatment options for people with rare cancers.

The gift from Tricia’s estate is helping Institute researchers, led by clinician-scientist Professor Clare Scott, to select the best treatments for patients diagnosed with rare cancers. A major objective of this research is to recommend effective treatments for rare cancer patients using existing anti-cancer medications. A breakthrough in this area would have significant outcomes for people with rare cancers.

Gifts in Wills can help make new treatments possible by injecting funds into sometimes underfunded research. The impact of gifts in Wills can be long lasting, help save lives and honour the memory of loved ones.

If you are considering making a gift in your Will to the Institute please call Ms Anne Rady on 03 9345 2929 for a confidential discussion.

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