Unlocking secrets of healthy development

Unlocking secrets of healthy development

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June 2019

Dr Quentin Gouil, Associate Professor Marnie Blewitt and Associate Professor Matt Ritchie
(L-R) Dr Quentin Gouil, Associate Professor Marnie Blewitt
and Associate Professor Matt Ritchie.

‘Genomic imprinting’ is helping to explain how we inherit important developmental factors such as growth, metabolism and cognition.

The Institute has acquired a powerful new technology called PromethION that has been successfully used to explore and understand genomic imprinting – the mechanism by which genetic instructions are passed down from each parent to their children.

“We are talking about the very foundations for building and maintaining us,” laboratory head Associate Professor Matt Ritchie said. “And yet, half of the human genome is poorly understood with five to ten per cent completely uncharted.”

Exciting advances in technology

Dr Gouil who is an expert in genomic sequencing technology said access to the latest equipment was vital for piecing together a complete picture of the genome.

“Having this equipment positions us at the leading edge of genomic research innovation."

“This would not have been possible without the generosity of our Technology Circle donors and The Isabel and John Gilbertson Charitable Trust who funded the purchase,” he said.

The Institute is an early adopter of PromethION technology. There are currently only a limited number of these machines available in the world.

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