Launching a new era of Institute research

Launching a new era of Institute research

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June 2019

Professor Doug Hilton speaking at AGM
Institute director Professor Doug Hilton speaking at the
Institute’s 2019 Annual General Meeting.

The Institute is proud to announce a reinvigorated strategic direction to support our commitment to improving the lives of those suffering from disease.​

Our journey began 104 years ago with the belief that medical research could make the world a better place. As the research and funding landscape continues to shift, the Institute and our 1100 staff and students respond to meet the current and emerging health challenges of our time.

Core research themes

The Institute’s Strategic Plan 2019-2023 continues our expertise in cancer, infection, inflammation and immunity. It also extends our research into healthy development and ageing, and builds on our capabilities in computational biology, new medicines and advanced technologies.

Institute director Professor Doug Hilton said moving successfully into a new era of research required a continued commitment to collaboration and innovation.

“Our purpose as a leading biomedical institution is to undertake ambitious and impactful research and to translate this into improved clinical outcomes for patients.”

“Our researchers are working wholeheartedly, collaboratively and creatively across the Institute and our thriving Melbourne Biomedical Precinct; as well as with teams nationally and internationally to resolve the pressing biomedical questions of our day.

“Our purpose as a leading biomedical institution is to undertake ambitious and impactful research and to translate this into improved clinical outcomes for patients,” he said.

Commitment to delivery

Professor Hilton said a newly created Strategic Cabinet would steward and progress the Institute’s ambitious agenda.

“Our newly appointed theme leaders, along with our heads for clinical translation and education, will join the Institute’s deputy directors and me to make our new strategic plan a reality and a success,” he said.

The Institute’s research is arranged under five themes:

  • Cancer Research and Treatments
  • Healthy Development and Ageing
  • Infection, Inflammationand Immunity
  • Computational Biology
  • New Medicines and Advanced Technologies

Strategic goals

These thematic alignments will enhance our multi-disciplinary work and strengthen our basic and translational research. 

We will also ensure our researchers have access to the resources and services they need and that our environment is one that allows our community to flourish.

Our goals are:

  • Knowledge and health: Focus and collaboration to better understand the biomedical world
  • Attract, develop, flourish: Strengthen our distinctive environment where staff and students thrive
  • Catalyst great science: Deliver quality services so researchers can focus on their science
  • Engagement and advocacy: Position the medical research sector for long-term success
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