BRAIN data to improve cancer care

BRAIN data to improve cancer care

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June 2019

Professor Peter Gibbs
Professor Peter Gibbs is working on improving outcomes
for brain cancer patients.

Institute clinician-scientists – Professor Peter Gibbs and Dr Lucy Gately – have launched ‘BRAIN,’ an Australian brain tumour registry that will provide crucial data to meet the challenges of brain tumour management and research.

The Brain Registry Australia: Innovation and Translation (BRAIN) is a web-based platform designed for the collection and management of data relating to symptoms, diagnostic tests, treatments and outcomes for patients with all types of brain cancer.

According to Dr Gately, “BRAIN will create a substantial resource of information on brain tumours for clinicians, as well as support translational research and become a platform for conducting prospective clinical trials."

“We’re optimistic that the immediate data analysis and potential future research will improve the outcomes of patients living with brain tumours,” Dr Gately said.

Survival rates low

Approximately 1600 people are diagnosed with brain cancer per year in Australia. It is the most common cause of cancer-related death in adults aged under 40 years.

Dr Lucy Gately
Medical oncologist and research scientist Dr Lucy Gately.

Despite improvements in survival in other cancer types, survival from brain cancer remains low and there has been little change over the last three decades.

Overcoming challenges

The BRAIN registry helps to resolve a longstanding challenge of accumulating meaningful research on patients with brain tumours in Australia.

“It has been difficult for any single Australian healthcare centre to accumulate sufficient numbers of patients with brain tumours to generate meaningful research,” Dr Gately said.

Findings from analyses that occur as part of this registry are anticipated to improve our understanding of the presentation, clinical course and management of brain tumours in Australia.


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