Blood researcher elected to Academy of Science

Blood researcher elected to Academy of Science

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June 2019

Professor Warren Alexander
Professor Warren Alexander is now a Fellow of the
Australian Academy of Science.

Co-leader of the Institute’s Cancer Research and Treatments theme Professor Warren Alexander has joined a select group of 24 Fellows to be admitted to the Australian Academy of Science in 2019.

New fellows are selected on the basis of their scientific achievements by existing Fellows and Professor Alexander’s election recognises his contributions to the field of molecular haematology research.

Professor Alexander is working to understand how the body controls the production and function of its blood cells.

“My contribution to research in this field is in understanding blood cell hormones and a family of proteins that regulate the responses that blood cells have to these hormones,” he said.

“I’m particularly interested in how the process works for the production of platelets, which are small blood cells critical for helping our blood to clot when we’re injured. If we can understand more about how platelets are made, we can hopefully apply this information to developing new treatments. For instance, in treating cancer where a loss of platelets in people receiving chemotherapy is still a problem.”

Professor Alexander said he was honoured by the recognition of being elected a new Fellow of the academy.

“I want to acknowledge the wonderful support and contribution of my colleagues and collaborators, particularly at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.”

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