SAGE recognises progress towards gender equality in science

SAGE recognises progress towards gender equality in science

Illuminate newsletter index page, December 2018
December 2018

SAGE Awards
(L-R) Elizabeth McMahon, Isabelle Lucet, Sam Ludolf,
Louise Johansson, Louise Naughton, Catia Pierotti and Roberto
Bonelli at the SAGE Bronze Awards Gala Dinner in Canberra.

The Institute’s commitment to addressing gender inequality, supporting diversity and creating an inclusive workplace culture have been recognised with a prestigious Athena SWAN Bronze Award from Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE).

The Institute was one of only 15 higher education and research institutions in Australia to receive the award at a ceremony conferred by Ms Nicolle Flint MP at Parliament House in Canberra.

Long-term, sustainable improvements

Institute director Professor Doug Hilton said the award reflected the Institute’s longstanding commitment to improving the participation, retention and success of women in science.

“For more than a decade we have been taking important steps to create an Institute in which women can flourish and gender equity is an engrained part of our values.

“We are continuing to invest in our people and our organisation, working towards dismantling the barriers resulting from the accumulative disadvantage faced by minority women, as well as focussing on role modelling and celebrating these women’s achievements,” he said.

Institute researhers Dr Ueli Nachbur, Dr Gabriela Brumatti
with their daughter Julia in the Institute's Professor Lynn Corcoran
Early Learning Centre, which opened on-site in July 2018.

A holistic and measurable approach

Institute deputy director Ms Samantha Ludolf, who has helped lead the Institute’s work as a member of SAGE, said the progress thus far would not have been possible without the passion of staff and students, vision of the Institute’s Gender Equity Committee and resolve of the SAGE Self-Assessment Team (SAT).

“The SAGE Athena SWAN program has provided us with a fantastic framework within which to make measurable improvements to our policy, procedures and programs at the Institute,” Ms Ludolf said.

Building on the success of the UK Athena Swan Charter, SAGE is adapting its accreditation framework for use in Australia in the STEMM Higher Education and Research sector.

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Photo of childcare centre building from the front

The Institute has built a 100-place early learning centre for families in our community.