Professor Lesley Hughes

WEHI was proud to welcome distinguished Australian climate change scientist and advocate Professor Lesley Hughes to deliver the 2022 International Women’s Day address: ‘A Short History of Women Saving the Planet’.

7 March 2022
Dr Stephin Vervoort

Dr Stephin Vervoort has received a prestigious fellowship from the Snow Medical Research Foundation in Australia to investigate new treatment options for cancers such as leukaemia. 

2 March 2022
Associate Professor James Vince, Daniel Simpson and Dr Rebecca Feltham are photographed standing outside WEHI

A WEHI-led study has identified a molecular ‘culprit’ responsible for causing damaging levels of cell death and inflammation in the body. The findings could lead to improved treatment options for a range of conditions driven by inflammatory cell death, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

17 February 2022
Daniel Gray, Melanie Heinlein, Tim Thomas

WEHI researchers have identified an enzyme in the thymus that is essential for immune T cells to correctly identify threats, safeguarding them from going rogue and attacking healthy tissue in the body.

31 January 2022
Professor Brian Smith and Dr Jacqui Gulbis photographed at WEHI

Scientists have found a missing ‘key’ that unlocks critical channels responsible for potassium ions to flow across cell membranes in a process that is essential for life.

26 January 2022
Dr Thomas Cotton (L) and Dr Bernhard Lechtenberg (R)

WEHI researchers have produced the first molecular images of an enzyme that controls proteins to signal and communicate with each other in human cells.

10 January 2022
Man smiling looking at camera

Researchers have solved a decade-long mystery about a critical protein linked to Parkinson’s disease that could help to fast-track treatments for the incurable disease.

23 December 2021
Man sitting at desk with scientific image on computer in background

WEHI researchers have discovered how dormant Toxoplasma parasites in the brain manipulate their host cells to ensure their own survival.

21 December 2021
The Jab Gab logo

While the peak of the pandemic may have passed, new variants are emerging and vaccine hesitancy still lingers in parts of the community. It's an issue being tackled by The Gab Jab podcast.

20 December 2021
Two researchers standing in lab, smiling at camera

WEHI Associate Professor Tim Thomas and Professor Anne Voss have been awarded the 2021 Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation in Life Sciences, for their novel research that has led to a new chemical strategy to treat cancer.

14 December 2021