Michiel Selen - TrendBio Pty Ltd

Michiel Selen - TrendBio Pty Ltd

Seminar Room 1
Start Time: 
Wed, 17/04/2019 - 11:00am
End Time: 
Wed, 17/04/2019 - 12:00pm

​Gel-free, Blot-free, Hands-Free western and Single Cell Western

​Technical seminar hosted by Dr Esther Bandala

Jess – Automated Western Blotting System: Our automated western blotting system from Protein Simple named Jess does the whole lot, just load the cartridge and let the system do the rest. Gel-free, Blot-free, Hands-free westerns, all in under 3 hours! With chemiluminescence and fluorescence detection, protein normalisation and the ability to image your current blots, this system will change how you view your western workload! Some of the key features of the instrument are;

  *   Fully automate your western, 25 lanes in under 3 hours. Gel-free, Hands-free, Blot-free, Size range is now 2-440kDa,
  *   Total Protein assay available, fluorescence or chemiluminescence detection.  Protein Normalisation
  *   Image your current Blots !
  *   Antibody database shows all the secondaries and primaries that have been successfully run on Simple Western systems and what dilutions produced the best results, so optimisation is getting easier, by looking up suitable antibodies as starting points: http://www.proteinsimple.com/antibody/antibodies.html< over 2300 antibodies are listed !
Milo – Single Cell Westerns: The system performs single cell separation, cell lysis and SDS page separation and finally immune probing all with single cell resolution on over 1000 cells simultaneously. You can now ascertain protein expression information on up to 4 targets at a time with the ability to store the single cell chips for re-probing at a later date.
Milo enables measurement of multiple proteins in low abundant samples, intracellular proteins that cannot be detected by flow, identification of subpopulations in heterogeneous samples as well as a great way to validate protein expression following Single Cell RNA-Seq - using off the shelf antibodies in less time that it takes to perform a standard western.