Lighting up our centenary

Lighting up our centenary

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June 2015
Our centenary year is in full swing and we have many exciting events planned for the coming months to mark this momentous occasion. Join us at public talks, discovery tours and the Science in the Square festival to commemorate our centenary.

Since February, we have hosted a number of events to celebrate 100 years of the institute. We have welcomed more than a thousand dignitaries, alumni, collaborators, staff and students to the institute. Take a look at our centenary year so far.


Building illumination

Our Parkville building lit up on 12 March when the Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon Tony Abbott MP, officially launched our centenary and illuminated the LED light curtain.



Tony Abbott talking at centenary launch

Prime Minister Tony Abbott speaking at the centenary launch on 12 March.



LED light curtain from inside the building

 Our 15 metre-tall LED light curtain was launched on 12 March by Prime Minister Tony Abbott.



Doug Hilton and Sam Ludolf with birthday cake

Institute director Professor Doug Hilton and chief operating officer Ms Sam Ludolf with our centenary birthday cake.



Mathison sculpture on the night of its unveiling

On 18 May the institute unveiled a sculpture honouring Dr Gordon Clunes McKay Mathison, marking the 100th anniversary of his death. Created by master sculptor Michael Meszaros, the sculpture was commissioned by the Dyson Bequest and generously donated to the institute.