Professor Gil Privé – Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

21/09/2023 9:30 am - 21/09/2023 10:30 am
WEHI Boardroom

WEHI Special Ubiquitin Signalling Seminar hosted by Dr Ngee Kiat (Jake) Chua

Professor Gil Privé

Senior Scientist – Princess Margaret Cancer Centre; Departments of Biochemistry and Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto, Canada


Structure, Function and Dynamics of a Multivalent CRL3 Ubiquitin Ligase Complex


WEHI Boardroom

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Gil Privé is a Professor at the University of Toronto and a Senior Scientist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Research in his lab centres on the study of protein structure and molecular recognition, with an emphasis on the family of Broad-complex, Tramtrack, and Bric-à-brac (BTB) domain proteins. The human genome encodes approximately 200 BTB domain proteins, most of which are either transcriptional regulators or substrate receptors in ubiquitin E3 ligase complexes. Gil has over two decades of experience in the study of BTB domain proteins and has provided insights into the evolutionary aspects and mechanism of action for this large protein family. 


There are over 70 human Cullin3-Ring-Ligases (CRL3s) that engage different BTB substrate receptors; these target a wide variety of substrate proteins for proteosomal degradation. Proteomic studies have found that some members of the pentameric KCTD BTB family interact with G-protein subunits, establishing a direct link between the ubiquitin-proteasome system and G-protein signaling. In this seminar, Gil will present the cryo-em structure of a pentameric CRL3(KCTD5)/Gßγ complex and discuss how the architecture and dynamics of this multivalent E3 ligase positions its target substrate for ubiquitylation.  


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