Dr Diane Moujalled – Blood Cells & Blood Cancer division

28/02/2024 1:00 pm - 28/02/2024 2:00 pm
Davis Auditorium

WEHI Wednesday Seminar hosted by Professor Andreas Strasser

Dr Diane Moujalled
Senior Research Officer – Strasser Laboratory, Blood Cells & Blood Cancer division
Pathways to New Brain Cancer Medicines Theme – The Brain Cancer Centre
Cancer Research & Treatments Theme, WEHI


Exploring programmed cell death based treatments in brain cancer


Davis Auditorium

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Including Q&A session


Brain cancer is a devastating illness, being the sixth leading cause of cancer burden in Australia. Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most common and aggressive form of brain cancer, accounting for 45% of malignant brain tumours diagnosed in adults.  It carries a dismal prognosis; 80% of patients diagnosed with this brain cancer will die within 5 years. Treatment options are constrained due to inherent resistance of malignant cells to conventional therapy. This is largely attributed to the ability of malignant brain cancer cells to evade programmed cell death. Therefore, new treatment strategies are urgently needed to change the outlook for brain cancer patients.


Since joining the Strasser lab in 2020, Diane’s research focuses on developing strategies to enhance cell death of brain cancer cells by activating programmed cell death pathways. Currently, Diane co-leads the Pathways to New Brain Cancer Medicines theme of the Brain Cancer Centre. In this role, Diane leads projects investigating highly aggressive GBM and medulloblastoma, a type of paediatric brain cancer, by advancing the use of BH3-mimetic drugs, a class of novel anti-cancer agents that directly activate the apoptotic programmed cell death machinery. The therapeutic impact of BH3-mimetic drugs in brain cancer is being evaluated in combination with standard-of-care therapy and newly discovered anti-cancer agents.


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