Associate Professor David Anderson – Burnet Institute | WEHI | Nanjing DeShi Diagnostics

21/02/2024 1:00 pm - 21/02/2024 2:00 pm
Davis Auditorium

WEHI Wednesday Seminar hosted by Professor Ivo Mueller

Associate Professor David Anderson
Honorary Fellow, Burnet Institute; Honorary Research Fellow, WEHI; and Founder and Chief Scientist, Nanjing DeShi Diagnostics, China

Expanding the boundaries of point-of-care testing – Innovation, Industrialisation and Implementation in lateral flow immunochromatography


Davis Auditorium

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Lateral flow immunochromatographic assays (LFAs) were first introduced in 1988 with home pregnancy tests (hCG antigen). LFA point-of-care tests (POCT) have had an enormous global health impact in the decades since with examples such as HIV antibody, syphilis antibody, malaria antigen and of course COVID19 antigen tests. We have had a long interest in expanding the range of biomarkers that can be addressed using LFA, including enzymes (ALT1 for liver disease) and cell counts (CD4 T-cells in HIV/AIDS) as well as novel antibodies (IgA for syphilis, dimeric IgA for multiple indications), with ongoing R&D including neutrophil CD64 for sepsis, and now iron deficiency anaemia at WEHI. I will discuss our pathway from innovation, through commercialisation and industrialisation including start-ups in China, to implementation and impacts including the Visitect® Advanced Disease CD4 T-cell test that is now included on the WHO list of Essential Diagnostic Tests. 


David Anderson was Laboratory Head – Global Health Diagnostics Development, and Deputy Director of the Burnet Institute from 2001-2022. His work for the past 28 years has had a major focus on point of care (POC) diagnostics, and broader interests in the commercialisation of the Burnet Institute’s technologies and services including the highly successful 360biolabs, and he is a co-inventor of 12 patent families in various stages of commercial development.


His work has led to many diagnostic innovations including the Visitect® CD4 POC test for monitoring of CD4+ T-cells in HIV, recently achieving WHO prequalification as an essential diagnostic test, and tests for infectious diseases including syphilis and hepatitis E, and for severity of liver disease. Through his new Honorary appointment at WEHI and collaborations at WEHI and elsewhere, he has a growing effort on development of POC tests for iron deficiency.


Building on more than 30 years of collaborations and 10 years of business in China, he is the co-Founder and Chief Scientist of the start-up company Nanjing DeShi Diagnostic Technology (Nanjing, PR China), with a focus on development and industrialisation of POC diagnostics for unmet health needs in China and resource-limited settings.


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