Student profiles

Student profiles

PhD-clinician students

Dr Charlotte SladeDr Charlotte Slade

One project I am involved in uses samples from people with immunodeficiencies, and their families, to understand the genetic and cellular changes that cause these diseases.


Michael LowDr Michael Low

I am looking into the pathways that control differentiation and survival in antibody producing plasma cells.



PhD students

PhD student Daniel CameronDaniel Cameron

My PhD is focused on developing new, improved ways to analyse the huge amounts of data produced by modern genomic sequencing.


Kate McArthurKate McArthur

I am studying proteins that regulate cell death and inflammation. I’ll be looking at what happens when we inhibit these proteins, and what insights that may give us into their functions.


Helen McRaeHelen McRae

I am studying a protein called PHF6, that is non-functional or absent in people with the intellectual disability syndrome Borjeson-Forssman-Lehmann syndrome (BFLS). 


Sofonias TessemaSofonias Tessema

I am studying the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, and how people living in malaria-affected areas develop immunity to it. 



Honours students

Santini SubramaniamSantini Subramaniam

I hope my Honours project will contribute to new blood tests that improve efforts to control malaria.


Miles HortonMiles Horton

My Honours project examines how cells of the immune system acquire the functions required to effectively fight disease.


Alexandra Gurzau

Alexandra Gurzau

In my Honours year I’m studying the structure and function of a protein that controls gene expression – an epigenetic regulator.


Tamara MarcusTamara Marcus

My Honours project is looking at signalling within cells in the bowel wall, and what can go wrong to cause bowel cancer.


Nicholas ChandlerNicholas Chandler

I’m using structural biology to investigate the receptors used by immune T cells to recognise and respond to abnormal cells.

PhD student Julia Marchingo has won a 2014 Picchi Award for Excellence in Cancer Research.