Student profiles

Student profiles

More than 200 students work within our research teams tackling important questions in medical research.

Learn about the experiences and achievements of some of our current students and recent graduates. 

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Miles Horton

Miles' Honours studies in immunology earnt him the 2016 University of Melbourne Dean’s Honours Award as the top Bachelor of Biomedicine Honours student. 

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Rebecca Delconte

Rebecca's PhD studies in cancer immunotherapy have allowed her to explore a range of research fields and develop broader skills.

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Alexandra Gurzau

Hear from Alexandra about her experiences as an Honours student undertaking epigenetics research in 2016.

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Daniel Cameron

Picchi Award winner Daniel's PhD research is improving the detection of the genetic changes that occur in cancer.

Dr Emma Nolan

A PhD student from New Zealand, Emma's research pinpointed a potential new approach to preventing breast cancer in at-risk women.

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Dr Michael Low

Michael is a haematologist undertaking clinician PhD training, investigating immune cell survival and how blood cancers arise.

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Dr Jason Brouwer

PhD graduate Jason not only made important research discoveries, but also pursued his commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander reconciliation.

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Catia Pierotti

Catia received the 2015 Colman Speed Honours award for her research project into inhibitors of inflammation. 

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Dr Lucille Rankin

As a PhD student with us, Lucille revealed how a newly discovered immune cell contributes to digestive health.

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Santini Subramaniam

As an Honours student, Santini investigated an urgently needed new test for malaria. 

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Dr Charlotte Slade

Clinician PhD student Charlotte is investigating the genetic changes that cause primary immunodeficiencies.

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Nicholas Chandler

Nicholas used structural biology in his Honours project to look at the function of immune receptors.

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Tamara Marcus

As an Honours student, Tamara researched healthy bowel development and what goes wrong in cancer.

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Dr Sofonias Tessema

Sofonias' PhD studies investigated how children develop immunity to malaria.


PhD student Julia Marchingo has won a 2014 Picchi Award for Excellence in Cancer Research.

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