Dr Julie Tellier - Immunology division

Dr Julie Tellier - Immunology division

Davis Auditorium
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Wed, 28/09/2022 - 1:00pm
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Wed, 28/09/2022 - 2:00pm

WEHI Wednesday Seminar hosted by Professor Stephen Nutt

Dr Julie Tellier

Senior Research Officer - Nutt Laboratory

Immunology division – Infection, Inflammation & Immunity Theme, WEHI

Unravelling the diversity and function of tissue-resident plasma cells

Davis Auditorium

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The tissue-resident immune cells have emerged as an integral part of each tissue ecosystem with an intrinsic ability to adapt to their surrounds and the capacity to exert homeostatic roles on top of their defensive functions. Even though the bone marrow is considered as the main niche of the plasma cells, the largest fraction actually resides in the non-lymphoid tissues, where the secretion of immunoglobulins acts as a primordial layer of protection within the mucosal responses and plays a non-redundant role in maintaining a homeostatic relationship with the microbiota.

Dr Tellier’s work is focused on characterizing the tissue-resident plasma cells, their sustaining niches and assessing their capacity to play immunoglobulin-independent homeostatic roles.


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