Dr Gaël McGill - Harvard Medical School & Digizyme

Dr Gaël McGill - Harvard Medical School & Digizyme

Davis Auditorium
Start Time: 
Wed, 10/06/2015 - 12:00pm
End Time: 
Wed, 10/06/2015 - 1:00pm

​Exploring Hollywood’s tools for scientific visualization

Special seminar hosted by Mr Drew Berry

Scientific visualization combines the complexities of science, the technical rigor of programming, the challenges of effective communication and the creative possibilities of art and design.  We will explore a variety of projects created at the intersection of these fields, as well as ways in which the entertainment industry’s powerful software suites can be repurposed and improved to craft accurate scientific visualizations.

Dr Gaël McGill is faculty and Director of Molecular Visualization at Harvard Medical School where his teaching and research focuses on visualization design methods in science education. He is also founder & CEO of Digizyme, Inc. a firm dedicated to the visualization and communication of science. Dr McGill recently co-authored and served as digital director for EO Wilson’s Life on Earth iPad biology textbook developed in partnership with Apple. He is the creator of the scientific visualization online community portal Clarafi.com (originally molecularmovies.com), the Molecular Maya (mMaya) software toolkit and has contributed to leading Maya and ZBrush textbooks for Wiley/SYBEX Publishing. Dr McGill is also a board member of the Vesalius Trust and an advisor to several biotechnology and device companies. After his BA summa cum laude in Biology, Music, and Art History from Swarthmore College, and PhD in Cell Biology & Biochemistry at Harvard Medical School as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Dr McGill completed his postdoctoral work at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute studying tumor cell apoptosis and melanoma.