Perpetual: a pathway between donors and charities

Perpetual: a pathway between donors and charities

Perpetual manages over 960 charitable trusts and endowments on behalf of their clients. Thanks to the generosity of their donors, Perpetual is able to distribute grants to Australian charities.

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute has been the beneficiary of a number of these philanthropic grants.

Providing a pathway between donors and charities

Grant funding from Perpetual comes about through individuals, families and organisations wishing to make a difference in the community.

Andrew Thomas, Perpetual’s General Manager of Philanthropy, has seen firsthand the commitment of many Perpetual clients to the research undertaken at the institute.

“We are pleased that these funds will help bring about research and community health outcomes through your team's research efforts”, he said. 

Doug Hilton with Andrew Thomas
Professor Doug Hilton with Mr Andrew Thomas

Essential funding for research

Government and private sector funding will only stretch so far. Institute director Professor Doug Hilton said the grants from trusts Perpetual manages provide critical funding for our research programs.

“These charitable trusts have allowed us to purchase essential equipment and fund projects that assist our internationally renowned scientists in making exciting breakthroughs”, he said.
“Perpetual is a great advocate of philanthropic support for medical research. We are delighted that funding from Perpetual’s clients is creating opportunities for important research to take place.”

Thank you

The institute would like to thank the following trusts and foundations, managed by Perpetual, which have contributed vital funding to our research programs:

  • Laurence George Brown and Jean Elsie Brown Charitable Trust Fund
  • The J and R McGauran Trust Fund
  • The Alan Gordon McMillen Charitable Endowment
  • Estate of the Margaret Augusta Farrell
  • The Derham Green Fund
  • Reginald Marsden Charitable Trust
  • Estate of the Late Patrick Brennan
  • Clive and Vera Ramaciotti Foundations
  • Harry Secomb Foundation
  • H & L Hecht Trust
  • Percy Baxter Charitable Trust
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