Working towards personalised treatments for cancer

Working towards personalised treatments for cancer

A generous gift from the Janko-Inge Foundation is allowing scientists to investigate why some people with cancer do not respond to treatment.

Dr George Janko, Director of the Janko-Inge Foundation, reached out to the institute after hearing Professor O’Connor speak on the radio about the benefits of personalised medicine.

Accelerating the shift towards personalised medicine

The Janko-Inge Foundation gift supports a study that is using gene editing technology to identify genetic changes in cancer cells when they become resistant to chemotherapy.

The outcomes of this research have the potential to shift cancer treatment from a ‘one size fits all’ approach to a new personalised strategy where gene sequencing data will determine the most effective treatment for an individual with cancer.

Jointly working to improve outcomes for cancer patients

“The Foundation has a particular interest in medical research and I have been especially interested through my own medical career in preventive medicine. The ability to bring genomics into that picture is very exciting,” said Dr Janko.

To discuss how you can help support the development of personalised cancer treatments, please contact Susanne Williamson on (03) 9345 2962 or


Professor Liam O'Connor
Professor Liam O'Connor


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