Novel therapy for drug-resistant cancers

Novel therapy for drug-resistant cancers

The opportunity

  • Developed a novel small molecule with efficacy in standard of care drug-resistant solid tumours e.g. colon, lung and triple negative breast cancers.
  • Oral bioavailability and good developability profile.
  • Novel mechanism of action.

We have identified a small molecule which exhibits potent activity against a wide range of cancer lines with single nanomolar EC50. Importantly, the compound is highly active and efficacious in taxane-resistant cell lines and xenograft models.

This compound represents an exciting new class of anti-cancer drugs that can be developed towards the clinic for treatment of solid tumours.

Scientific figure

The technology

We have a series of highly active small molecules that represent a novel therapeutic strategy for drug-resistant solid tumours.

Opportunities for partnership

We are seeking a partner to co-invest in the preclinical development of our lead anti-cancer series.

We have:

  • A novel small molecule anti-cancer agent with oral bioavailability, excellent pharmacokinetics and potential for clinical development
  • New mode of action – only-in-class potential
  • Fully owned patent families in all major markets

We are seeking investment to support:

  • The identification of molecular target(s)
  • Target validation studies
  • Lead optimisation

Scientific team

Professor Guillaume Lessene, Leader, New Medicines and Advanced Technologies Theme

Professor Tony Burgess, Laboratory head, Personalised Oncology division

Dr Christoph Grohmann, Postdoctoral fellow, ACRF Chemical Biology division


Dr Anne-Laure Puaux, Head, Biotechnology and Commercialisation

Phone: +61 3 9345 2175