Our biomedical animation team explains the discoveries made by scientists through 3D animation.

Animation is a powerful tool for presenting ideas about science that are impossible to observe and difficult to visualise when described with words. Through 3D animation the audience comes face-to-face with a neuron pulsing with electric messages, or inside an artery to view the ceaseless rush of blood cells.

WEHI.TV participates in education and mainstream media projects, through its contribution of television-quality science animations, web movies and various spin-off 3D illustrations.

Drew Berry standing in front of the institute's animation wallAccurate, accessible science

Led by biomedical animations manager Drew Berry, WEHI.TV provides all of its 3D animation sequences to groups producing science programs for television and multimedia education.

This is to raise public understanding and awareness through regular collaborations, while retaining quality control, ensuring the science is accurate and easily understood.

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