Dr James Vince, Dr Lisa Lindqvist and Dr Kate Lawlor

Institute scientists have revealed a potent inflammatory molecule that could target inflammatory diseases. 

23 February 2017
Three scientists photographed in a garden

Lung, colorectal, pancreatic and rare cancers are on the hit list of Institute researchers who are the recipients of Victorian Cancer Agency grants announced today.

17 February 2017

Institute researchers have used advanced cellular, bioinformatics and imaging technology to reveal a long-lived type of stem cell in the breast that is responsible for the growth of the mammary glands during pregnancy. 

14 February 2017
Cell Death symposium promotion

The Cell Death: Discoveries to Drugs symposium celebrates three decades of research underpinning venetoclax, an Australian approved anti-cancer treatment.

13 February 2017
Melbourne team of researchers

Institute researchers have made a gene discovery that could prevent an incurable form of muscular dystophy. 


1 February 2017
Clare Weeden in a laboratory

Institute scientists have discovered the cells that are thought to give rise to lung squamous cell carcinoma, the second most common subtype of lung cancer.

28 January 2017
Lab group photo: (L-R) Mr Robert Hennessy, Dr Jai Rautela, Miss Rebecca Delconte, Mr Wilford Goh, Dr Kim Pham, Dr Nick Huntington

A team of researchers from Australia and France have uncovered new insights into how to prolong the lifespan of the body’s disease-fighting natural killer (NK) cells.

17 January 2017
Research team working together

A research technique that is widely used to test new anti-cancer agents could be improved by adoption of a worldwide ‘gold standard’, according to a new study led by Walter and Eliza Hall Institute scientists.

14 December 2016
Associate Professor Marnie Blewitt in lab

A $650,000 2016-17 New Early Learning Facilities grant from the Victorian Government will help the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research to establish a new, purpose-built Early Childhood Education and Care facility. 

13 December 2016
Female researchers in a laboratory

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute has pledged its support for Safe and Strong: A Victorian Gender Equality Strategy, launched today. 

5 December 2016