Professor Geoff Lindeman


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Division: Stem Cells and Cancer

Research Overview

Breast Cancer Laboratory

Our laboratory is interested in identifying transcriptional regulators that govern mammary gland development and whose perturbation leads to breast cancer.

By studying normal and malignant breast epithelial cells, our long-term goal is to identify markers and potential therapeutic targets against breast cancer.

The Breast Cancer Laboratory is jointly headed by Professor Geoff Lindeman and Professor Jane Visvader, and was originally established through support from the Victorian Breast Cancer Research Consortium.

Research Interests

Selected Publications

  1. Oakes SR, Vaillant F, Lim E, Lee L, Breslin K, Feleppa F, Deb S, Ritchie ME, Takano E, Ward T, Fox SB, Generali D, Smyth GK, Strasser A, Huang DC, Visvader JE, and Lindeman GJ (2011). Sensitization of BCL-2-expressing breast tumors to chemotherapy by the BH3 mimetic ABT-737 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA Jul 18. [Epub ahead of print] (
  2. Lim E, Wu D, Pal B, Bouras T, Asselin-Labat M-L, Vaillant F, Yagita H, Lindeman GJ, Smyth GK, Visvader JE. Transcriptome analyses of mouse and human mammary cell subpopulations reveals multiple conserved genes and pathways. Breast Cancer Research. 2010;12(2), R21. PMID: 20346151
  3. Asselin-Labat ML, Vaillant F, Sheridan J, Pal B, Wu D, Simpson ER, Yasuda H, Smyth GK, Martin TJ, Lindeman GJ, Visvader JE. Control of mammary stem cell function by steroid hormone signalling. Nature 2010;465(7299), 798-8 PMID: 20383121
  4. Lim E, Vaillant F, Wu D, Forrest NC, Pal B, Hart AH, Asselin-Labat M-L, Gyorki DE, Ward T, Partanen A, Feleppa F, Huschtscha LI, Thorne HJ, kConFab, Fox SB, Yan M, French JD, Brown MA, Smyth GK, Visvader JE, Lindeman GJ. Aberrant luminal progenitors as the candidate target population for basal tumor development in BRCA1 mutation carriers. Nature Medicine. 2009;15(8), 907-13 PMID: 19648928
  5. Bouras T, Pal B, Vaillant F, Harburg G, Asselin-Labat M-L, Oakes SR, Lindeman GJ, Visvader JE. Notch signaling regulates mammary stem cell function and luminal cell fate commitment. Cell Stem Cell. 2008;3(4), 429-41 PMID: 18940734
  6. Visvader JE and Lindeman GJ. Cancer Stem Cells in solid tumours: accumulating evidence and unresolved questions. Nature Reviews Cancer. 2008;8(10), 755-68 PMID: 18784658
  7. Vaillant F, Asselin-Labat M-L, Shackleton M, Forrest NC, Lindeman GJ, Visvader JE. The mammary progenitor marker CD61/b3-integrin identifies cancer stem cells in mouse models of mammary tumorigenesis. Cancer Research. 2008;68(19), 7711-7 PMID: 18829523
  8. Asselin-Labat M-L, Sutherland KD, Barker H, Thomas R, Shackleton M, Forrest NC, Hartley L, Robb L, Grosveld FG, van der Wees J, Lindeman GJ, Visvader JE. Gata-3 is an essential regulator of mammary gland morphogenesis and luminal cell differentiation. Nature Cell Biol. 2007;9(2), 201-209 PMID: 17187062
  9. Shackleton M, Vaillant F, Simpson KJ, Stingl J, Smyth GK, Asselin-Labat M-L,Wu L, Lindeman GJ, Visvader JE. Generation of a functional mammary gland from a single stem cell. Nature. 2006;439, 84-88 PMID: 16397499
  10. Visvader JE and Lindeman GJ. Mammary stem cells and mammopoiesis. Cancer Research. 2006;66(20), 9798-9801PMID: 17047038

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    Current Laboratory Members

    Laboratory Head: Jane Visvader BSc(Hons) Adelaide PhD Adelaide 

    Laboratory Head: Geoff Lindeman MB BS(Hons) Syd BSc(Med) Syd PhD Melb FRACP

    Postdoctoral Fellow: Delphine Merino MSc Dijon PhD Dijon

    Postdoctoral Fellow: David Reynolds BSc(Hons) Adelaide PhD Adelaide

    Postdoctoral Fellow: Francois Vaillant PhD Mon

    Postdoctoral Fellow: Nai Yang Fu BSc MSc Sun Yat-sen PhD Singapor

    Postdoctoral Fellow: Bhupinder Pal MSc Kurukshetra PhD Melb

    Postdoctoral Fellow: Anne Rios PhD Marseille

    Postdoctoral Fellow: Julie Sheridan BSc(Hons) Leeds PhD Edinburgh

    Postdoctoral Fellow: Ewa Michalak BSc(Hons) UWA PhD Melb

    Research Assistant: Kelsey Breslin BSc(Hons) Alberta

    Research Assistant: Tamara McLennan BAppSc(Hons) QUT BBiolSc LaTrobe

    Research Assistant: Catherine To BSc(Hons) Melb

    Research Assistant: Kevin Liu BMed Beihua PhD Melb

    Research Assistant: Felicity Jackling BSc(Hons) Melb

    Postgraduate Student:Emma Nolan BSc(Hons) Otago

    Postgraduate Student: Sarah Best BSc(Hons) Melb

    Postgraduate Student: Bianca Capaldo BSc(Hons) Melb BSc Mon

    Postgraduate Student: Lily Lee LLB(Hons) Melb BSc(Hons) Melb

    Visiting Honours Student: Jeffrey Kam

    Scientific Coordinator: Sally Cane BSc Deakin

    Project Coordinator: Audrey Partanen BSc

    Project Officer: Kylie Shackleton BSc(Nursing) Deakin

    With Special Thanks To:

    Breast surgeons: Bruce Mann and John Collins

    Plastic surgeons: Craig Rubenstein and Hamish Farrow

    Pathologists: Anand Murugasu (Royal Melbourne Hospital), Maxine Scelwyn (AnatPath) and David Clouston (TissuPath)

    Pathology scientist: Frank Feleppa (Royal Melbourne Hospital)

    Tissue Bank: Matthew Chapman, Kathryn Goss and RMH Tissue Bank staff

    kConFab and the Victorian Cancer Biobank