WEASEL for Flow Cytometry Data Analysis

WEASEL is a general purpose flow cytometry data analysis and display program developed at the institute. It displays flow cytometry standard (FCS) data in many different formats and a number of numerical or statistical measures can be extracted. The program offers side-by-side display of multiple data files, fast scanning through collections of data files, re-usable display layouts, export of high quality graphics which may be incorporated into other documents and export of text or FCS standard data from merged and/or gated data files. WEASEL was designed to make operation as simple and intuitive as possible but there is also has an internal HELP facility to guide the user through specific procedures.

WEASEL is available for public download

WEASEL users are offered the opportunity of guiding future development of the program. Suggestions for enhancement are invited. 

WEASEL version 2 details and enhancements

Multiple display formats

WEASEL multiple display screen