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Flow Cytometry (FACS), Ms Padmini Nanda

The laboratory has been providing a cell sorting service at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute since 1977, with the acquisition of the ‘FACS II’ which was the first cell sorter to be operated in the southern hemisphere. The ‘FACS II’ was still running (in greatly modified form) up to its retirement and replacement in 2002. The Flow Cytometry Centre currently runs 5 cell-sorters of a variety of types. For do-it-yourself flow cytometric analyses, it also maintains 7 cytometers, also of a wide variety of types. 

New Users Links

Introduction to cytometry: For those new to flow cytometry, this is a guide to the basic principles.

Exciting Fluorescence: A semi-classical view of the physics of fluorescence.

Fluorescence in Cytometry: Reviews the principles of selecting fluorescent stains of various cellular properties that may be analysed simultaneously in the flow cytometer.

Fluorochrome Combinations: Combinations of fluorescent tags suited to WEHI's sorters and analytical flow cytometers.

Cell Sorter Technical Comparison: Compares the capabilities of WEHI's cell sorters.

New users information - Sorters: For brief descriptions of the instruments available and instructions for access.

New users information - Analysers: instructions for access and rules for do-it-yourself operation of the analytical cytometers. For potential users of the analytical instruments, a CD tutorial that describes how the FACScans operate is available. Introductory training for these and the more sophisticated cytometers and their software can be arranged with Cytometry Laboratory staff on an ad hoc basis.

Reserving sorter or analyser time: For both WEHI staff and colleagues from neighbouring institutions.

Laboratory Cell Sorting Procedures: Getting the most out of the service.

Advanced Users Links

FCMDesigner: An application for plotting of fluorescence spectra and optical filter transmission curves in order to check the feasibility of a proposed experiment. To select the best WEHI instrument for the purpose, see Fluorochrome Combinations


Potentially biohazardous samples: Important! Users must observe the procedures both before and during analysis or sorting of potentially hazardous samples.


User pays billing: For details of the cost to your laboratory of using the sorters or cytometers.

Data Preservation and Analysis

Data storage and analysis: Data acquired from the sorters will be stored for WEHI users in their FACS_DATA server area.  Users of the analytical cytometers are responsible for their own data preservation.   

WEASEL: Flow cytometry data from any source may be analysed and displayed using WEHI's in-house program. Weasel is available for public download by extra-WEHI cytometrists.

Free Flow Cytometry Utility Software

Free flow cytometry software: Several utility programs used at WEHI for flow cytometry data operations are available for free public download.

Other WEHI Links

Example results

Recent Presentations

Cytometry lab flow cytometry publication

Other external links


The Australasian Flow Cytometry Group

The International Society of Analytical Cytology (ISAC)

The ISAC Compendium of Flow Cytometry Sites (ISAC members only)


Fluorescence compensation: an exposition by Mario Roederer

Fluorescent antibody conjugation: an exposition by Mario Roederer

Laboratory Staff

FACS Laboratory Technicians: Adrian Binek, David Baloyan, Stacey Jeffrey, Dora Kaminaris, Melanie Le Page, Michelle McCann, Simon Monard, Chayanica Nasa, Lankesha Yapa.

While all staff members have their own special expertise in a variety of areas of laboratory operations, any one of us can be approached with technical or administrational questions about any aspect of the cytometry service. Please ask; that's why we're here.

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