Clinician-scientists at the institute

Clinician-scientist Professor Geoff Lindeman (right) and Professor Jane Visvader study breast cancer at the institute.The institute encourages, supports and continues to develop clinical collaborations with medical doctors at hospitals throughout Australia.

We have a number of highly skilled clinician-scientists at the institute who are helping to translate fundamental discoveries made at the institute into treatments that will benefit patients.

Through its clinical collaborations, the institute maintains strong links with Melbourne Health, Royal Women’s Hospital, Royal Children’s Hospital, Western Health and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, as well as other health facilities throughout Australia and internationally.

Become a clinician-scientist at the institute.

Our clinician-scientists

Our clinician-scientists are involved in more than 80 national and international clinical trials, and are able to directly link their research findings at the institute to their clinical practice.

The institute's clinician-scientists broadly work in the fields of cancer, chronic inflammatory disease and infectious disease.

View the profiles of our clinician-scientists to find out more about their work and why they got involved in research:


Blood cancers: Professor Andrew Roberts, Dr Ashley Ng (PhD student), Dr Simon He (PhD student), Dr Mary Ann Anderson (PhD student), Dr Sophie Lee (PhD student)

Breast cancers: Professor Geoff Lindeman

Ovarian cancers: Associate Professor Clare Scott, Valerie Heong (PhD student)

Pancreatic cancers: Dr Lara Lipton

Paediatric cancers: Associate Professor Paul Ekert, Dr Seong Lin Khaw

Colorectal cancers: Associate Professor Peter Gibbs, Dr Jayesh Desai, Dr Jeanne Tie, Dr Ben Tran

Chronic inflammatory disease

Rheumatoid arthritis: Professor Ian Wicks, Dr Simon Chatfield (PhD student), Dr Shereen Oon (PhD student)

Coeliac disease: Dr Jason Tye-Din

Diabetes: Professor Len Harrison, Dr John Wentworth

Urticaria: Dr Priscilla Auyeung (PhD student)

Infectious disease

HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis: Dr Marc Pellegrini, Dr Somar Ojami (PhD student), Dr Maryam Rashidi (PhD student)