Laboratory head / Faculty positions

Term of appointments

All faculty members at the institute, including the director, division heads and laboratory heads are employed for five-year terms.

Most laboratory head positions at the institute are renewable based on performance. A formal review occurs at the end of the five-year term and results in either a renewal for an additional five years or re-appointment for 12 months to allow the person time to find an external position.

The institute also has a small number of five-year non-renewable laboratory head positions. These are designed to allow developing researchers to kick-start their independent careers and, although holders of these positions will be free to apply for renewable laboratory head positions if they become available, the expectation is that, after five years, they will move on to a faculty appointment at another institution.

Appointment process for laboratory heads

The currently available laboratory head position advertised will generally be non-renewable.

Potential laboratory head applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the head of the division in which the vacancy exists to determine whether their skills and research interests are well-aligned with those of the division. Potential applicants should also discuss with division heads their requirements for financial support of their research, laboratory space and level of appointment.

Laboratory head applicants will be automatically considered for one of the institute’s four fellowships, where the fellowship position is available. The Metcalf, Miller and Nossal fellowships are open to all applicants and the Cory Fellowship is open to women. All four fellowships are for five years, are non-renewable, and come with $250,000 per annum of research support.



Expressions of interest should include a full CV, a one-page summary of the applicant's most important discoveries and a two-page overview of the applicant's plans for their future research.

Particular attention should be given to how the applicant's research will enhance existing research programs at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.

Short-listed candidates will be invited to present an hour-long seminar and speak with faculty members in October and November. Successful applicants will be notified by mid-December.


The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute strives to be the employer of choice for scientists who are passionate about becoming independent laboratory heads.


Research at the institute is highly collaborative. Divisions are comprised of independent laboratory heads who have made the decision to collaborate closely and to tackle questions of major importance in medical research. Collaborations between divisions and with scientists elsewhere are also strongly encouraged.

Towards gender equity

The institute is acutely aware of the difficulties confronting women as they make the transition from post-doctoral scientist to laboratory head and, from there, to more senior roles. Support in a range of areas is available at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for women as they make this transition.

Toward gender equity at senior scientific levels at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute