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Why work at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute is Australia's pre-eminent biomedical research institute. The institute has a strong history of significant discoveries of clinical importance and an outstanding international reputation.

The institute nurtures a harmonious environment and has a strong emphasis on excellence, innovation and collaboration. Postdoctoral fellows and research students work with internationally recognised mentors and have ready access to state-of-the-art technology. Technical staff assist in identifying and developing technology platforms and are provided with opportunities for professional development. The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute is an equal opportunity employer. The lively staff, drawn from many nationalities, have strong social as well as professional interactions.

General support for staff

Leadership and skills training The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute is developing a comprehensive program to broaden the skills of all postdoctoral fellows and junior lab heads. These programs currently include regular leadership workshops, presentation workshops and management workshops, as well as our business and communication intern programs.

Family-friendly meeting times Scheduling of meetings to start after 9.15 am and conclude prior to 4.30 pm, to allow all staff with family responsibilities the ability to attend while still honouring their personal commitments.

Flexible working hours The institute recognises the importance of affording parents maximum flexibility in setting working hours and invites parents to propose working hours that strike a reasonable balance between attending key laboratory events such as seminars and group meetings, yet catering to personal needs. The institute also offers a 46/52 working year, in which parents are paid for 46 weeks of work, rather than 52, but can take an additional six weeks of annual leave. This proves useful to parents of school age children, allowing them to be at home during the school holidays.

Parental Leave Currently the institute provides eligible staff 12 weeks paid maternity leave, with the opportunity to take 24 weeks at half pay. On return to work, the institute has provision for flexible working arrangements. Paid paternity leave up to one week is also available. It is envisaged that the Australian Government’s announced paid parental leave scheme will be available in addition to the current institute provision.

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