Burnet Prize

The Burnet Prize bronze commemorative plaque

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute’s Burnet Prize is awarded annually to early-career scientists at the institute who have produced pioneering research.

The Burnet Prize was established in 1987 through a bequest of Sir Macfarlane Burnet and is presented at the annual general meeting. The award includes a specially-commissioned bronze commemorative plaque created by Melbourne sculptor Michael Meszaros and a cash prize of $2000.

A number of past recipients have gone on to great success at the institute, and include institute director Professor Doug Hilton and a number of current division heads including Professor Alan Cowman, Professor Andreas Strasser and Professor Warren Alexander.

Other Burnet Prize winners have moved to lead other institutes such as Professor Brendan Crabb, director of the Burnet Institute, and Professor Anne Kelso, director of the World Health Organization’s Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza.

Previous winners of the Burnet Prize

2013 Dr Guillaume Lessene and Dr Peter Czabotar

2012 Jeff Babon

2011 Jake Baum

2010 Marie-Liesse Asselin-Labat

2009 Axel Kailles and Clare Scott

2008 Benjamin Kile

2007 Gabrielle Belz

2006 James Beeson

2005 Stephen Nutt

2004 Andrew Roberts

2003 Robyn Starr

2002 Philippe Bouillet

2001 Brendan Crabb

2000 David Huang

1999 Warren Alexander

1998 William Heath

1997 Doug Hilton

1996 Li Wu

1995 David Vaux

1994 Simon Foote

1993 Steven Gerondakis

1992 Andreas Strasser

1991 Glenn Begley

1990 Alan Cowman

1989 Anne Kelso

1988 Nick Gough

1987 Lynn Corcoran