About Us

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute is the oldest medical research institute in Australia and will celebrate its centenary in 2015.

The institute is affiliated with The University of Melbourne and The Royal Melbourne Hospital and offers postgraduate training as the Department of Medical Biology of The University of Melbourne.

Our Mission

Mastery of Disease Through Discovery

Our Vision

To be an innovative medical research institute that engages and enriches society and improves health outcomes through discovery, translation and education.

Key objectives

Discovery: to make discoveries in medical biology that shape contemporary thinking and paradigms and enhance the understanding and treatment of disease

Translation: to convert our discoveries into improvements in disease diagnosis, prevention and treatment

Education: to develop and enrich the skills and experience of students and staff, allowing each person to realise their potential and contribute to a vibrant campus

Engagement: to engage with the community and develop support for medical research generally and the institute’s mission specifically

Sustainability: to build an infrastructure, funding and research capacity that enables the institute to fulfil its mission in a sustainable manner


Institute staff and students work in a collaborative environment encompassing research divisions, clinical translation, research technology teams and a number of service departments.